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How to Buy a Car with No Credit

A car is an important investment. With a vehicle, you will be able to come and go as you please. This expands not only your career options but also your social life and can make something as simple as grocery shopping or heading to the post office that much easier.

However, if you are young or have steered clear of credit cards and loans for most of your life, you may not have any credit. This can make it quite difficult to buy a car. Though hard, you can still figure out how to buy a car with no credit. You just need to know the following:

1. You need to do your research.
2. You need to know what to expect.
3. You may spend more than someone with a credit history.

How to Buy a Car with No CreditHowever, if you are realistic about your car buying options and take the time to research and explore various solutions, you can still invest in the car of your dreams and drive off into the sunset. The following are some tips for how to buy a car with no credit.

Down Payments

One of the best ways to secure a loan to buy a car if you have little to no credit is to collect a sizeable down payment to put down on the car. This shows the car dealership and your bank that you are serious about this purchase. Often, loans are granted to people who are low risk.

Risk is determined by a person's credit rating and history: if someone has a high credit score, they are more likely to pay back the loan than someone who has a low credit score. If you do not have a credit history or if you have no credit, then the bank has a hard time determining whether you are a risky person to lend money to. Thus, by putting down a sizeable down payment, you show the bank that you are responsible and have the means to pay back the loan.

Cosigners on Loans

Another way to be approved for a car loan with little to no credit is to find someone who will cosign the loan. This means that if you are no longer able to pay for the car, the cosigner will assume liability for it. If you have a loved one who respects and trusts you and is willing to cosign, a financial organization will be more likely to lend you the money than they would someone else.

High Interest Rates

Interest rates on loans are how banks and financial groups stay in business and make money lending money to people who want to invest in homes and cars. This is also how such groups protect themselves in the event that someone can no longer afford to pay back their loan. If you are approved for an auto loan, you may have to commit to higher interest rates than people who have credit histories and ratings.

This high interest rate protects the bank. After all, if you have little to no credit, the bank has no idea whether or not you are likely to pay back the loan. If you are willing to deal with a slightly higher interest rate, this could be a great way to not only invest in the car of your dreams but to also build credit that could help you negotiate better terms in the future.

Know What You Want

If you know not only the make and model of your dream car but also where you plan to buy it and how much it will be, this will make you that much more attractive to potential lenders. The more research you put into the car and the dealership, the more prepared you look to the bank. Similarly, when you walk into a financial organization like a bank or credit union, it pays to bring as much documentation as possible.

This shows that you are serious, responsible, and ready for a loan. Take the time to bring your pay stubs from work, your tax returns from previous years, and even proof of paying your bills on time. It will also help if you show such groups your plan for how you will manage your monthly loan payments. Go in with a specific and clear plan and you may walk out having been approved for a car loan.

Cash Cash Cash

And of course, the best way to buy a car with no credit is to save and save until you can buy the car outright. This means that you won't have to deal with lenders or have to go through the process of investing in a loan. This may mean that you have to invest in a used car with a lot of miles on it, but it will still mean that you have a set of wheels that are your very own.

Investing in a car is an important decision. Once you have the car, you will be able to do everything from commute to work to visit friends without having to pay for public transportation or asking loved ones for rides. Having no credit history may make this more difficult, but there are still solutions for the person who is committed to buying their very own car.

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