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How to Rent Furniture with No Credit

You've got company coming and want the house to look as nice as it possibly can. If you can't afford to buy new furniture and what you have is looking somewhat worse for wear, you can still refurbish your home.

Whether your problem is bad credit or no credit at all, there are methods that you can use to help you get the furniture that you need.

No Credit History

When you have no history at all for credit or payments, it's often worse than having a bad credit history. This is because those with a few hits on their credit also have some positive payments for the finance companies to review.

How to Rent Furniture with No CreditDepending on the company, no credit past may make it easier for you to get a loan, or it may in fact make it more difficult for you. No history at all means that no one is sure how you're going to react to financial obligations and whether or not you pay in a timely way.

If you have some time, it might be in your best interests to try to establish some kind of payment history. Taking out a few smaller credit cards from the more high risk companies and then paying them off within a few weeks will get your positive payments reported to the major credit bureaus. This will give you a break on being able to rent or buy your furniture in just a few weeks time.

If, for some reason, you don't have the time to wait and help your credit to grow then you need an alternative means of getting the credit that you need to help you.

Where to Find No Credit Check Furniture

The means to rent furniture, to buy furniture, or to rent to buy exist both offline and online. You can find good solid companies who will rent to you. Many of the rental companies will do so without having to undergo a credit check that may show you have no credit at all.

Which companies are willing to rent furniture to those who have no credit history to fall back on?


Rentacenter has been in the business of helping people furnish their homes for more than thirty years. Providing furniture for virtually any room in your home, so long as you have a job they will rent to you without a credit check.

Generally RentACenter, or RAC, rents with the opportunity for you to buy the furniture that you've rented from them if you like. If you sign up to rent the furniture you have a few months to change your mind and ask that your payments are applied toward the purchase of the furniture. Average costs are a little higher for the furniture, but it is brand name, quality furniture which you are supplied.

There is no credit check involved in the Rent a Center process. In addition they rent more than furniture, including electronics and service their own rentals for you.

Aaron Furniture Rental

Specialists in furniture rentals, but also handling electronics such as televisions and computers, Aaron's also requires no credit check to rent from them. You will fill out paperwork and prove your identity prior to delivery of your furniture. Aaron's offers service to those who have bad credit or no credit. They feature brand names that you will be familiar with such as Dell, Xerox, Sony, Compaq, and Woodhaven. Your purchases are delivered to your home.

Rentals that are more than 10 days late are subject to pickup by the Aarons delivery people so three is minimal risk to the store. Your prices for rent to buy will be about 25% more than you might pay if you paid cash, but are not significantly more than you would pay for interest on a furniture loan if you purchased in that fashion.

You can rent the furniture outright, or rent to buy, with your monthly payments going toward the purchase price each month. Furniture is usually paid off within 18 months to 2 years.

National Furniture Rentals

Featuring no down payment or security deposit, the company offers nation-wide furniture rental to those who have minimal or no credit, as well as to bad credit individuals.

They feature and sell used as well as new furniture. You may select from refurbished or new appliances. Furniture for nearly any room in the home is available on a rental basis or rent to own plan. Family plans or discount plans are available if you want to buy more than one room of furniture.

When you need furniture and aren't able to get it any other way due to no established credit, you do still have options. Using one of the rental companies which require no credit check will help you to get the products that you need in a short time.

One added benefit to this rental type is that two of the major rental companies that we reviewed do offer credit information to the credit bureaus, which means that you are helping to build and establish credit with your furniture rental.

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