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No Credit Check Satellite TV

Having bad credit may seem a bit like having the plaque. Applying for any service results in a credit check these days, and a poor credit report yields a denial from the service provider. Satellite TV companies have been no exception to this rule until recently.

New opportunities have arisen for the no-credit or poor-credit consumer shopping for satellite television. Because the standards are much lower for satellite TV approval than car loans and mortgages, it may be in the consumer’s best interest to apply for service and see what happens. Many people who think they have bad credit can actually qualify for satellite TV service. Some satellite TV service providers do not check credit histories.

Prepaid Satellite TV

If the answer to the application is “no”, an alternate plan does exist for those with poor credit or no credit. Pre-paid satellite television service is similar to pre-paid cell phone service. No contract is signed. No personal information, like social security numbers, is given on the application. The consumer does not even need to own a credit card.

No Credit Check Satellite TVPre-paid cards are available at several electronics retailers. The card is activated by phone, and the satellite TV service is then initiated. The customer pays on a month-to-month basis, purchasing more pre-paid cards and activating them by phone or online. Continual service is not necessary. Customers receive service for months they have paid for. Non-payment results in an interruption of service, and nothing more. No cancellation fees or late payment fees apply.

The negative side of pre-paid satellite TV service is the responsibility placed on the consumer to constantly renew the service each month. Forgetfulness will yield fuzz when the television set is turned on.

Price is another negative when considering pre-paid satellite service. Most programs aimed at the consumer having no credit or bad credit are often overpriced. Because there is little competition, the satellite TV provider knows that the consumer is in a bind.

The options are to pay the long price or to do without service. Considering the high priority most people place on family entertainment, most consumers choose to pay rather than to do without.

Specific hardware is required before pre-paid satellite TV service can be activated. An approved satellite dish, receiver and remote can be purchased from the same retailers who sell the pre-paid satellite TV cards. As expected, the hardware purchased in this manner is very expensive when compared to the cost of signing a contract with a conventional satellite TV provider.

Once again, the provider has the consumer over a proverbial barrel. Poor credit or no credit individuals have little choice in the matter, so they pay the long price until an improved credit rating can be achieved.

A common question among consumers considering pre-paid satellite service is whether or not premium channels are available. The answer is a resounding “yes”. The same service is offered to both pre-paid and contract customers.

The difference lies in the manner in which the service is delivered. Contract customers receive service prior to payment. Pre-paid customers must pay up front. Pre-paid satellite TV cards offer premium channel options, at additional cost, of course.

Satellite TV Software over the Internet?

A less conventional method for obtaining satellite TV service without a credit check requires a computer and an Internet-savvy consumer. Recent Internet ads are touting satellite TV software that can be downloaded to the personal computer for “free” satellite TV access. No monthly fees apply. No applications need to be filled out.

A one-time purchase of the software yields the consumer a lifetime of free service. These promises seem too good to be true, so the “buyer beware” slogan should be inserted here. If the promises are true, certain requirements and caveats still apply.

  1. The computer being used for TV viewing must be up-to-date and contain a high-speed processor for displaying streaming video.
  2. An anti-virus and anti-spyware program should already be in place on the computer to avoid file corruption from suspect downloaded material.
  3. A high-speed Internet connection is necessary for viewing streaming video via the computer. This may be difficult for the no-credit or poor-credit consumer to obtain.
  4. A thorough investigation of the Internet satellite service is prudent. Many channels may be broadcast from other countries and in other languages.

Overseas Satellite TV Service

And speaking of foreign countries, another Internet offer is circulating for the no-credit-check option concerning satellite TV service. Overseas satellite service now exists, using a two-way reception and broadcast technology that operates off of any high speed Internet connection. A special unit called a Slingbox acts as a mirror, broadcasting outward the digital television signal it is receiving.

Families in America can receive channels via satellite dish or Internet transmission and redirect those same channels to friends overseas at no cost. The equipment is the only expense involved. Of course, copyright and FCC license infringement is an issue. This method should be explored at the consumer’s own risk. Penalties such as fines or even prison-time may be the result.

The bottom line is that there are indeed options for the consumer with no credit or bad credit when it comes to purchasing satellite TV service. The costs may be high and certain risks are sometimes involved. Once the credit is established or repaired, the wise move would be to sign up with a traditional satellite service provider under contract.

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